Friday, February 13, 2009

ohhhh no school just started

do you now what sucks about school its the teacher. To me teacher are xxxxing boring . i think u get what i mean. You wont be able to enjoy the days where you sleep late and watch movies. When you go to school you will have to follow the rules. Whats with this rules. They just make the school a military camp. In my school your hair must be short or not they will cane you. Come on men pls. what the hell does hair got to do with school. when the teacher canes you u wont be able to sit. I still remember the last time i got hit. I could not even sit. my school is a boys school so we have no girls..."no girls'. Now just imagine how boring it is. When you come to think about this group of boys who will pick on you during school hours. I guess u just feel school is horrible.
what's with the uniform
it looks like some idiots who are trying to act like twins. Why cant we wear our own clothes to school or they just design for us better uniforms.
i cant write anymore than this cause my school is going to seriously start....
i better have my homework done before .........
i get caned .

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  1. agreed with everything except for the wear-our-own-clothes-to-school part. haha. I'll probably spend hours searching for the right clothes to wear to school.~ lol. btw, nice blog! keep it up~