Saturday, July 11, 2009

report card day

it was a day full of drama in school. All the students in my school started putting on their mask. Nobody did stupid things and some even started taking out their books and studying.
I know its super hard to believe this shit but its true. To be honest i was also very nervous. this is because many teacher actually complained about me talking a lot in class. But seriously i cant shut up. Its like i was born with words pouring out of my mind. Ok then my dad came. I was shivering. For those who went before me, I saw them getting long lectures from the class teacher. so I sat and waited for the teacher to call my father. Then the time came so i sat beside my father opposite mt teacher. Then she opened the book with all the comments from all the teachers. Out of 9, 5 were really bad comments. they all wrote the same thing 'cant shut up in class and lazy'. It was like they copied each other seriously. So as I read the comments a smile appeared on my face. Then my dad asked me "do you talk a lot in class". I told him" maybe a little extra". So he just told me that i should not talk in class and all. So i taught that it was all over so when we went back my father tols my mum and my mum scolded me. Then my mum told my brother. So it ended up as a debate at home where i was opposition and the rest were goverment. Sadly the goverment team won. hahahahhaha. then it ended just like that. That was awan hell of a day man.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

how to waste time..................

sometimes we are waiting for something fun later on. So while waiting for it we just try to do something and when doing that thing time does not fly. It feels like a second is like an hour. If you have this kind of attitude, u r the same as me. So i have a few gd ideas for u guys to waste your time.
  • u can go to the nearest mall with your friends.
  • go to ur friends house and start wasting time with him/her. When u r with ur friends time just feels like it is flying away to fast.
  • get a few DVDs from a shop and start watching them.
  • start playing Dota till time runs out.
  • maybe you can try sleeping
  • how about mesging a girl, thats fun cause there will surely be something to tac about.
  • try watching a tv show wic u like a lot.
  • hmmmmmmmmmm. try facebooking
  • msn or yahoo
  • or u can jus watch the clock from time to time till the time comes.....
now i think it should be easier for u guys to burn your time..........................

im 16

i feel so dam angry when they label blockbuster movies as,pl,pa. This means that i can't enter. i feel so small when this happens. so i have a few tips for u under 18s....
  1. go to the counter try your luck and see wheter u can enter a not. If the counter person is good he will let u buy the ticket and enter. but if he is an idiot dream on.
  2. ask an elder men to buy your ticket and then try sneaking in.
  3. pick a good theater where they actually don't care about the age thingy.
  4. get to know the workers.
  5. get a student card with the wrong date of birth. Quite hard but u can try
  6. give the counter person some extra money... bribe the man
  7. if the other steps really dont work u should just wait till you are 18 then u can go and watch the movie legally............

Moral exam

is the stupidest paper. We have 36 moral values we read it, get it into our mind and we just answer the paper. Students read this values go for the spm exam and the next day they forget about whatever stupid moral values they have learn in school. Its just a waste of time. When we study bio a little of knowledge obtained will be used in life. Same goes to other subj. but moral its like some shit to increase our burden. In moral class in my school nobody gives a shit about moral. Most of them don't even know when is moral period. When the moral teacher enters students starts to become more immoral. which part of the 36 moral values is being used. Lets not go to far and go to the smartest students in school and ask him whether he can remember the 36 values till he is 20 or 30. he will tell you that moral is just till December of form 5. This is a subject with no base at all. i would prefer learning how to cook then learning moral. Maybe its because of moral exam system. Where there is not much practical and all about memorizing. The bottom line is moral is wrongly taught in malaysian schools. moral should be taught so it can be implemented in life and not in your exams. wat is the goverment doing here???????

Friday, February 13, 2009

ohhhh no school just started

do you now what sucks about school its the teacher. To me teacher are xxxxing boring . i think u get what i mean. You wont be able to enjoy the days where you sleep late and watch movies. When you go to school you will have to follow the rules. Whats with this rules. They just make the school a military camp. In my school your hair must be short or not they will cane you. Come on men pls. what the hell does hair got to do with school. when the teacher canes you u wont be able to sit. I still remember the last time i got hit. I could not even sit. my school is a boys school so we have no girls..."no girls'. Now just imagine how boring it is. When you come to think about this group of boys who will pick on you during school hours. I guess u just feel school is horrible.
what's with the uniform
it looks like some idiots who are trying to act like twins. Why cant we wear our own clothes to school or they just design for us better uniforms.
i cant write anymore than this cause my school is going to seriously start....
i better have my homework done before .........
i get caned .

Welcome to my blog

hiiiii..... im Yugaraj from Malaysia. This blog is just so that i cant post what i feel is hard to me.
What ever problems i suffer being a teenager i would like to share it with all of you'll. This blog is not going to be for political issue or any other stupid things. and before i forget welcome to my blog.