Sunday, May 31, 2009

im 16

i feel so dam angry when they label blockbuster movies as,pl,pa. This means that i can't enter. i feel so small when this happens. so i have a few tips for u under 18s....
  1. go to the counter try your luck and see wheter u can enter a not. If the counter person is good he will let u buy the ticket and enter. but if he is an idiot dream on.
  2. ask an elder men to buy your ticket and then try sneaking in.
  3. pick a good theater where they actually don't care about the age thingy.
  4. get to know the workers.
  5. get a student card with the wrong date of birth. Quite hard but u can try
  6. give the counter person some extra money... bribe the man
  7. if the other steps really dont work u should just wait till you are 18 then u can go and watch the movie legally............

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