Sunday, May 31, 2009

how to waste time..................

sometimes we are waiting for something fun later on. So while waiting for it we just try to do something and when doing that thing time does not fly. It feels like a second is like an hour. If you have this kind of attitude, u r the same as me. So i have a few gd ideas for u guys to waste your time.
  • u can go to the nearest mall with your friends.
  • go to ur friends house and start wasting time with him/her. When u r with ur friends time just feels like it is flying away to fast.
  • get a few DVDs from a shop and start watching them.
  • start playing Dota till time runs out.
  • maybe you can try sleeping
  • how about mesging a girl, thats fun cause there will surely be something to tac about.
  • try watching a tv show wic u like a lot.
  • hmmmmmmmmmm. try facebooking
  • msn or yahoo
  • or u can jus watch the clock from time to time till the time comes.....
now i think it should be easier for u guys to burn your time..........................

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