Saturday, July 11, 2009

report card day

it was a day full of drama in school. All the students in my school started putting on their mask. Nobody did stupid things and some even started taking out their books and studying.
I know its super hard to believe this shit but its true. To be honest i was also very nervous. this is because many teacher actually complained about me talking a lot in class. But seriously i cant shut up. Its like i was born with words pouring out of my mind. Ok then my dad came. I was shivering. For those who went before me, I saw them getting long lectures from the class teacher. so I sat and waited for the teacher to call my father. Then the time came so i sat beside my father opposite mt teacher. Then she opened the book with all the comments from all the teachers. Out of 9, 5 were really bad comments. they all wrote the same thing 'cant shut up in class and lazy'. It was like they copied each other seriously. So as I read the comments a smile appeared on my face. Then my dad asked me "do you talk a lot in class". I told him" maybe a little extra". So he just told me that i should not talk in class and all. So i taught that it was all over so when we went back my father tols my mum and my mum scolded me. Then my mum told my brother. So it ended up as a debate at home where i was opposition and the rest were goverment. Sadly the goverment team won. hahahahhaha. then it ended just like that. That was awan hell of a day man.

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