Sunday, May 31, 2009

Moral exam

is the stupidest paper. We have 36 moral values we read it, get it into our mind and we just answer the paper. Students read this values go for the spm exam and the next day they forget about whatever stupid moral values they have learn in school. Its just a waste of time. When we study bio a little of knowledge obtained will be used in life. Same goes to other subj. but moral its like some shit to increase our burden. In moral class in my school nobody gives a shit about moral. Most of them don't even know when is moral period. When the moral teacher enters students starts to become more immoral. which part of the 36 moral values is being used. Lets not go to far and go to the smartest students in school and ask him whether he can remember the 36 values till he is 20 or 30. he will tell you that moral is just till December of form 5. This is a subject with no base at all. i would prefer learning how to cook then learning moral. Maybe its because of moral exam system. Where there is not much practical and all about memorizing. The bottom line is moral is wrongly taught in malaysian schools. moral should be taught so it can be implemented in life and not in your exams. wat is the goverment doing here???????

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